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Waterfall and Agile Delivery

I was searching the other day for a particular image to use in one of my presentations and found the enclosed image comparing the traditional waterfall project management framework to the Agile framework. An Agile enthusiast probably reconstructed the image from the famous "project management tree swing cartoon."

Being a veteran who used both methodologies and is a certified professional in both frameworks, I felt that the new version of this cartoon is misrepresenting waterfall ability to deliver a good product. There is nothing wrong with each methodology as long as we know when to use them. The waterfall would be very helpful for a big project of a liner or subsequent stages. It is a better choice when the deadline has a higher priority, and there is no anticipation of outcome changes. On the other hand, the Agile framework is well suited for projects with moving outcome where customer satisfaction and shipping continues value is the highest priority. Someone can argue that all software development falls into this category. Developing a website or the next software invention certainly falls into this category, but I have chosen waterfall throughout my career for many software projects of compliance and integration nature. Agile speculation by the team would not have served any good with these kinds of projects.

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