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Successful Mobile Strategy!

The time spent by mobile owners on Mobile APP is 87% compared to 13% spent on Mobile web. The Average Daily Hours per Mobile App is 3.2 hours daily for people between 18-24. This should tell every business owner to build a mobile app if he does not have one. You just need to be aware that 50% of the top APPs are messaging APPs, which means social APPs are shaping the Millennials experience. Despite these facts, many businesses are still using ten years old design concepts for their apps. We still see a lousy user interface that is overloaded with features and requires many clicks to get to what you need. Many businesses provide static icons interface even though their business nature allows them to publish newsfeed similar to the social experience their customer are used to keep them engaged. Another category of APPS that do not generate higher customer ratings is APPS of a native mobile shell that branches to a web farm instead of taking advantages of the native features built in the mobile device. Facebook figured out the best engagement strategy and modified their App longtime ago. Have you figured out a successful mobile strategy for your business?

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